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Zhangjiagang mingst glass machinery co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in r&d, manufacturing and sales of glass toughening equipment.Minster focuses on the glass deep processing technology field, provides users with various types of glass toughening equipment, with advanced technology, solid quality, good after-sales service, thanks to the glass deep processing manufacturers around the favorite, and well received.

Minster has advanced design concept, better technology development and manufacturing capacity, to provide customers with glass toughening equipment production line, is a core competitiveness of our long-term.Through advanced equipment and intelligent automation solutions, we can always meet customer requirements.In the whole line planning and design, the use of ideal matching equipment production line, consistent to provide excellent product quality.At the same time, with our special advantages in processing technology for them to provide consulting services.

Minster has formed a complete set of equipment covering flat bend toughened glass products required by construction, furniture, household appliances, automobile, solar photovoltaic, various displays, instruments and meters and other industries, and has been exported to more than a dozen European and American countries such as the United States, Iraq, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East.




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